And So It Begins

I reserved this space just over a year ago.  Time after time I came in to share my thoughts.  Life had changed so profoundly and I had so much to talk about.  Yet I was unable to get started.  Where does one begin after so much change?  How does one begin again?  I’ve been a blogger since 2002, but I had lost my ability to write in recent years.  Exhaustion, brain fog, and anxiety are not terribly conducive to writing.

My daughter and I have experienced great change and loss in the past two years.   My long marriage ended, our family home was sold, the garden we loved so much is no longer part of our lives, we now  have to rely on buses to get around, and on the list goes. Add our chronic illnesses to the mix and it has been the most overwhelming and exhausting period of our lives.

There is still a way to go, but I’m doing much better now.  So, it’s time to connect with people again.  I miss the connections with people that come through blogging, and I miss the act of writing.    I could have just carried on with my old blog, but that life is completely gone.  Volume One of my life story has come to an end, and  I only want to look forward now.  If I have inherited the longevity genes from my ancestors, I still have almost half a lifetime ahead of me.  That’s plenty of time to fill a new volume, and I can guarantee that the stories it contains will be very different from those in Volume One.

Welcome to my new blog and thank you for joining me.  There are good times ahead and I look forward to sharing them with you.